My friend Kelsey Robinson sent me a link to footage of her voicing around with this acoustic version of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) "I got this money". Very soon after, not knowing Kelsey's footage existed and not in the know that I had this idea, Nerdiest Kids community Member Dane began playing around with it as well.

The Pitch is to bring attention to Donald to gain his blessing of a collaborative project with his fans. Different fans from across the worlds internets to add their two cents to his song with vocals and instruments they believe would fit. They can upload their video's to Vimeo where they would be ripped mixed and cut in to a full blown acoustic remix video of the song "got this money", to a point where Don and I would deem it presentable.

So, play your part, tell your friends, and rally the nerds. Violin's, Congo's, bongo's, harps, piano's. The best sounding and most fitting would be mixed in the final video. e-mail links to your videos to

Link to the Original Video Here


Amra "FLitz" Ricktts

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