“Digitized books are not accessible to the public”

Interview with lawyer Alexander Pesserl, from the Group for Research on Copyright and Information (Gedai), at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. He attended the International Symposium of Public Policies for Digital Collections, 26-29 April, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Topics covered in the video:

- Libraries digitize collections, but do not have the copyright
- In Germany there is legal provision that allows scanning of not published works for over two years
- Brazilian copyright law is inadequate to our reality
- Brazil needs to create national registry of copyright
- New issues brought by the digital input from readers on the market: privacy and how to borrow a digital book
- Google Books agreement
- We need to monitor the financial transactions of ECAD (copyright safer institution from Brazil)
- Copyright was created as an instrument to ensure the creativity of the artist and became a way of barring creations

Versão em português: vimeo.com/12431353

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