"Scanning and 'Google business model'"
culturadigital.br/simposioacervosdigitais/2010/05/19/digitalizacao-de-acervos-eo-modelo-google-de-negocios /

Interview with the director of public policies and government relations of Google Brazil, lawyer Ivo Correa, about the project Google Books (books.google.com).

He attended the International Symposium on Public Policies for Digital Collections, 26-29 April, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Video topics:
- Copyright on orphan works
- Business model of Google Books (selling sponsored links)
- A private company can have control over cultural heritage?
- Google agreement with U.S. publishers and bookstores
- Information monopoly
- Amounts invested in the project (Google does not comment)
- YouTube Content ID - what it is, how it works

Versão em português: vimeo.com/11825246

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