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The Forgotten Mora Vocis and a Quarrel of Monks; Jeffrey Ostrowski • Join Jeff Ostrowski for an explanation into how to sing from the "pure" Editio Vaticana. The fascinating (and largely forgotten) history of the controversy over the true rhythm of the Church's official edition is explored. Original documents, historical recordings, and rare chant editions are drawn upon. The “secret” of the Editio Vaticana mora vocis, how and why it was kept a secret, and the significance of the "blank white spaces" are all explored. Also explained and proven is how a single poorly-phrased sentence in a Preface by Abbot Pothier had devastating effects for a century (even to this day). Finally, the presenter explains how the use of technology and bitter controversies due to German/French relations affected the Editio Vaticana. Before you leave this presentation you will know how to sing the true mora vocis, but you will have to draw your own conclusions about what Dr. Peter Wagner bitterly called "a quarrel of monks."
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