The song in this video is about the moments when critical choices are made, possibly turning points in life. Overnight, in the heat of a celebration, something may be lost forever and a gloomy morning may follow.

In the video, a paper hot air balloon is launched. This is a tradition of S.João's night big festivities in Porto, Portugal. The air inside the balloon is heated by igniting an attached block of wax. Some balloons may burn out right after taking off but most will fly high and fall far away, cold but intact.

S. João is celebrated in Porto, from the night of the 23rd to the morning of the 24th of June and is one of the three most important Portuguese popular saints festivities, celebrated in June throughout Portugal. The other two are S. António and S. Pedro.

The images were shot at night using a Lumix DMC-FX3, with artificial light, and solarisation.
The soundtrack is based on "From Brown To Green" by Twerk, mashed with the tenor voice of the choral song "Do S. João Ao S. Pedro" by Fernando Lopes-Graça.
At the beginning of the video a four-verse poem is presented, included in the Fernando Lopes-Graça song lyrics but not sung here. These poems, known as "quadras", are also a tradition of S. João.

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