Mandalay gets mad about Chinlon, Burma's national sport during the Waso Festival. Part soccer part acrobacy, Chinlon consists of 6 players playing in a circle around a small ball made of rattan.
Each play lasts about 5 minutes. Players who use their feet, knees and thies are genuine virtuosos.
Chinlon is an exceptional sport game in so far is it is not a competitive sport : it is both a way to socialize and a popular entertainment, which all ages are fond of.

SYNOPSIS : Burma is a land of creation, innovation, inspiration. A cocoon where a thousand metamorphoses take place and a thousand butterflies take flight. Filmmaker Anne Murat and photographer Brice Richard captured a glimpse of that little known side of Burma. Through 66 interviews and portraits of social, intellectual, religious and artistic pioneers, they bring forth the image of a country not chained to the past, but soaring toward the future.

VIDEO : Anne Murat
PHOTO : Brice Richard
WEBSITE : rangooncocoon.com

GENRE : Documentary
SOUND : Neumann KMR-81
LANGUAGES : Burmese, English, Spanish
SUBTITILES : French, English
SOUND : Stereo 2.0

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