For the second entry in the Taubert-created Spring Spectacle anthology, I decided to depart from the space-based theme of 2001 and instead use a space-based theme.

"We could be stuck here a very long time."
"I have no doubt of that."

• Pat in the Hat vs. the Spring Spectacle Video (prelude) (also known as "Wow... I look like such a dork.")
• Opening Titles & "Praise the Name" music video (also known as "Drive the Bus")
• Large Group
• Chapter Focus Week 2001 Slideshow
• IVCF Police Report
• Chapter Focus Week 2001 Video
• CFW 2001 Extended Video
• Phantom Ranch Retreat
• Brewers Game & Kopps
• Fall Conference/SLT 2001 Slideshow
• IVCF Music Video
• Fall Conference 2001 Video
• Fall Conference 2001 Extended Video
• Arctic Blast 2002
• Star Wars
• IVCF Parties
• The Rest of the Pictures Slideshow
• "I Am Your Roommate" / End Titles / Blooper Reel

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