“It would be useful for college presidents to hand out Effective Immediately to their students along with the diplomas.” ~ Philadelphia Inquirer

When you’re new to the workforce, ambition and talent aren’t enough – getting on the fast track to success requires much more. If you’re a recent college graduate or new hire, Effective Immediately shows you how to excel at your first job and jump-start your career.

As an up-and-coming professional, you’ll learn how to transform yourself from entry-level employee into skilled, invaluable all-star during your first year on the job. You’ll also learn how to:

- Establish yourself as a top performer from day one

- Use every task – even grunt work – as an opportunity to shine

- Earn the respect of your boss, colleagues, and clients

- Cope with conflict, mistakes, and toxic coworkers

- Land key assignments and gain greater responsibility

- Manage projects and lead teams like a pro

Packed with practical advice, useful resources, and wisdom from former newbies, this savvy handbook gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to reach your highest potential at work.

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