Armed with a Super8 camera and a thrift-store MacGuffin, my friends and I improvised this “thriller” while vacationing at Disneyland in 1988.

The pursuit of a young man by three something-less-than-menacing thugs crisscrosses a fair amount of the park, and features crane shots over Fantasyland filmed from a Skyway gondola.

Eleven years later I finally edited it, using my brand-new copy of Final Cut Pro v1.0 (uncredited score by John Carpenter, Neneh Cherry, Dick Dale, Portishead, and Cliff Martinez).

Eleven years later, HELLO INTERMAWEBS.

(Features @gemko as something-less-than-menacing thug #2, first seen donning shades plucked from a cigar-store Indian about 35 seconds in.)

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