Live durational performance, 2007, Six hours

This performance was based on a tape made by my grandmother, in which she recorded an "audio letter" to my parents while they were living overseas in the 70's, when international calls were rare or unavailable in Israel. In the letter she describes the course of her day, including live newscasts and household sounds. She died when I was very and so this recently found tape is the only record I have of her voice. In the performance we lived out a day of our own, in realtime, in the living room of an old house in Jerusalme (where she lived). This enactment was constantly sampled and broadcast to the nearby dining room table, where the tape recorder containing my grandmother's audio tape was playing.

Participants: Nadav Assor, Daniel Davidovsky

Exhibited: Shevet Ahim childrens' hospice, Jerusalem (part of Hearat Shulaim festival)

Media: Household objects, food and drink, old tape-recorder, casette, audio-reactive lamp, head mounted camera, tripod camera, contact microphone, custom video software

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