For almost the entire Football Nomad trip, Patrick and I were able to evade the lure of cheap European beer and act like civilised football culture observers.

That all changed in Veldhoven, a small village of 40,000 people just outside the much larger city of Eindhoven, home to one of Holland's best known football clubs (PSV Eindhoven) and some of the most passionate supporters in the country.

Our good friend Lennart played host and it just so happened on the weekend that we showed up, Veldhoven was hosting its annual three-day Beach Party Event, complete with DJs, booze and both beach volleyball and football.

It was hard to resist the charm of the insurmountable Bavaria beers that came our way and subsequently it was also the first time I became sick since the trip began.

In this edition of FN2010 Patrick and I enjoy Holland's wonderful quarter-final victory over Brazil, show off the grittier side of travel and enjoy some unbelievably tasty milkshakes at the local snack bar.

Who said we don't know how to have fun?

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