Our world is filled with discarded children in despair, forced into tragic lives for their very existence. It is our mission that they Learn how priceless and cherished they are; That they Laugh in joy and fellowship despite the decay that surrounds them; That they fear no risk of Love given or received.

To Learn, Laugh, Love. 3L is a product of our shared experiences to illuminate a bright path for those in darkness.

The children of the CPDC (Child Protection and Development Center) in Pattaya, Thailand have no place safe and comfortable to prepare food and enjoy a meal. 3L Foundation is very proud to be fulfilling our commitment to build a new dining hall (called a ‘sala’ in Thai architectural terms) for the children of the CPDC village.

This is a movie about how we got started, why we saw the need for a dining sala and how we re going to do it. For more information, please go to our web site at 3lfoundation.org

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