I decided to video the Liberty Lake Fireworks show. I found WMV was the best convert once again as there is little to no artifacting in the file for those who wish to download the file. Vimeo did a great job at converting this to the format they use.

Setting for Camera and File.

Camera. . .
*Program with Firework Mode set
*HDV30 was the capture to tape so 720p @ 30Fps
*Shutter was 60th of a second
*AP was F2.4

It showed Shutter and AP on the screen as I played it to capture.

So in a short word the camera did everything for me and did a great job at it.

File Format. . .
*Software Pinnacle 11 (Sony Vegas looked like poop)
*Rendered as WMV with the 720p @30Fps 4Mbps using the ShowCenter 200 presetting.

On a Side Note:
For anyone thinking about getting the HV30, just go out and get one and quit kicking the tires. This Camera is the best home consumer HD Camcorder out there, it truely rocks in everyway! I am so glad someone told me about this camera. It kept me from getting another camera I would have wish I hadn't bought.

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