The 2nd teaser for the independent action adventure martial arts flick "STRAIGHT BLAST".

The movie is in production right now and I cannot say how long we will need to finish it.

The whole production is organized somehow like this:
We only shot scenes when we are able to; "being able to do something" means, that we got the money, the time, the location etc. Whenever we don't film Mikey is preparing fights and organizing permissions to shot at certain locations, Etienne is working on new costumes or props and I am doing post-production work such as editing stuff, adding visual effects or going out on location scouting.

But don't get me wrong, the main team may only has three people, but a lot good friends are helping us and without them it wouldn't be possible at all.

written, directed and edited by
Ulrik Bruchholz

main cast:
Mike Möller
Mathis Landwehr

fight choreography
Mike Möller

for further information visit:

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