This showreel shows some of the work i've made during the first two years studying Digital Video Design on the HKU (Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht).

Short description in order of the showreel:

'Het NU (The PRESENT)'
Video installation about awareness of the present.
10.00 min. loop

'Het Zwembad (the Swimmingpool)'
Short fiction movie, imitation of a '70ties home-video.
01.00 min.

'Forbidden Fruit'
A mockumentary about a fruit dealer, in a world where fruit became illegal caused by an addictive fruit-enzym.
03.00 min.

Short fiction movie about a young man struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder.
05.10 min.

'Het Negeren (The Ignoring)'
Experimental movie (two screens), inspired by a poem about feeling ignored.
3.20 min.

Short fiction movie about the process of a (weed)joint.
02.00 min.

'De Queeste'
Theatre concept and design for a theatre play about a young man that has problems finding balance between thoughts and reality. A stage full of mirrors cause that the viewers experience the same confusion.

'What it feels like for a girl'
Music Video about woman's undergoing plastic surgery to
cover their insecureness caused by the pressure of the society. Made for a remix of Madonna's 'what it feels like for a girl'.

'Newyear 2010, Melkweg Amsterdam'
VJ performance with the subject the 7 sins. Using existing film-material, graphic visuals and Resolume Avenue software.

'Vrijheid (Freedom)'
Visuals made for a new party in the Kring, where new rhythms come together with (live) classical music.
10.00 min. loop

A music video, about accepting differences. I worked together with two conservatory students to create two different sounds that stand for two different ways to experience the world. The visuals plus the progress of the music, tell a story about two worlds coming together, by having a dialogue and adapt to each other.
04.30 min.

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