"Give Me a Chance" is about four young men who are residents at Boys Ranch Town, which is a basic residential childcare facility that is part of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Join us as we journey with the boys through their difficult circumstances that led them to Boys Ranch Town. Watch as they share their thoughts about how their lives changed once receiving a safe and stable home environment, a quality education, opportunities for mental, physical, spiritual growth and Christian mentoring. Experience their victories and be inspired as they discuss their plans for the future. Discover for yourself the mission of Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children, which is "to help children become capable, caring Christian adults by sharing Christ's love and providing hope and homes for children"

NOTE: This video is copyrighted by Creative Media Group, all rights are reserved. We own the content of this video.

Producer: Stella Sprinceana
Director: Denis Pacuraru
Camera: Denis Pacuraru
Lighting: Stella Sprinceana, Denis Pacuraru
Editing: Denis Pacuraru
Script: Denis Pacuraru

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