'...it was the evolution of urban.'

The second chapter of the our retrospective on the Brooklyn Circus, SF's 2nd Anniversary explores the people and sights of the Fillmore community. Brooklyn is considered by many to be the cultural melting pot and capital of New York, itself the described capital of the world. Fillmore, a community seeded in a similar manner, is oft described by residents as the 'Heart and Soul' of the City.

Join us now as we take a peek at the 'realness' that is community and the (r)evolution that the folks at the Brooklyn Circus brought out during its anniversary. Young and old, rich and poor, came out to celebrate life, independence, and love for good company and food.


Executive Producer: Society Theory, URB Magazine
Producer: Matt Carvalho
Director: Phil Nacionales
Cam: Erick Fletes, Rosemary Mamisay, Phil Nacionales
Edit/Post: Phil Nacionales
Music/Audio: Phil Nacionales, Ramon Valdez Jr.
Music Credit: 'I'm Doin My Thang' - Gramatik
Special Thanks: Urgent Content, Fillmore Jazz Festival, & The Brooklyn Circus

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