The Urban Informatics Research Lab: Research Collaborations with Industry Partners

Presentation at - Helsinki, 9th June 2010

Associate Professor Marcus Foth & Dr Jaz Choi
Urban Informatics Research Lab
Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation
Queensland University of Technology


The increasing ubiquity of digital technology, internet services and location-aware applications in our everyday lives allows for a seamless transitioning between the visible and the invisible infrastructure of cities: road systems, building complexes, information and communication technology and people networks create a buzzing environment that's alive and exciting. Driven by curiosity, initiative and interdisciplinary exchange, the Urban Informatics Research Lab at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is an emerging cluster of people interested in research and development at the intersection of people, place and technology with a focus on cities, locative media and mobile technology. Our team comprises and collaborates with architects with degrees in media studies, software engineers with expertise in urban sociology, human-computer interaction designers with a grounding in cultural studies, and urban planners with an interest in digital media and social networking. Being hosted by the Institute for Creative Industries and Innovation at QUT enables our projects to embrace the creative energy of a range of disciplines across design, performance, production and writing. Associate Professor Marcus Foth and Dr Jaz Choi will present an overview of the projects that the Urban Informatics Research Lab is currently working on.

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