Here is a basic and short video I made for two friends, Kenny and Pete, who worked at the Border Transitions Incorporated (BTI) skatepark in Niagara Falls, NY back in 1991.

I was occasionally bringing my video camera to the park and filming my friends and all the visiting pros who came to demo at the park and they hit me up to film them. I was down for sure and told them I could edit a video together for them if they wanted. Of course they did and for my efforts I would be allowed to take anything I wanted from the pro shop. Sounded like a good deal to me.

The video was cut together from already existing footage I had of them and a "filming day" (nothing more then 30 minutes and a couple of runs) where I went to the park to specifically film them. Once it was edited and put together I delivered one VHS copy to them and I was allowed to take anything from the pro shop. I cleaned house and that was that.

Enjoy the video... It’s a little time capsule into mini ramp skating and skate fashion in 1991.

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