This, Volume Two of Blood Moon's BABYLON series, is another overview of exhibitionism, sexuality, and sin, as filtered throught 85 years of Hollywood indiscretion. Released in July of 2010, and available now in bookstores and online, it's wildly more outrageous than Volume One, which was described like this in the tabloids:

“The American movie industry is always eager for the spotlight if the close-up is flattering and good for business. But Hollywood may get more than it bargained for with Hollywood Babylon’s compendium of stories, rumors, and myths.

"Virtually every page features one kind of train wreck or another, usually accompanied by spectacularly lurid photographs. This book provides a hair-raising list of compromises and strategically granted sexual favors as proof that some stars will do anything for a part.

"Try as you might, you won’t be able to stop turning the pages. In revealing so many facts previously under wraps, this book, in fact, raises the question of how much more remains hidden.”
SHELF AWARENESS/ Bookselling News

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