Caroline Gervay. "Epiphanique-Ondee" (8.05min)
Music: Leo Bettinelli

"Imagination brings a dynamic of revelation to life: these are flashes of inspiration, as though scales have fallen from your eyes"

Andrei Tarkovsky.


As the train travels up the dragon-shaped country, it leaves a trail that demarcates the vertical fauna from the endless expanse of water.

The heartbeats of the machinery melt into mine and the visions that unfold before my eyes rehabilitate what I had always perceived as vertical, authoritarian and rigid.

Vietnam is a place that lies between memory, imagination and geographical reality. Only it could allow the process of identity.

«Epiphanique-ondée» is a short film made of photographs narrating an encounter with Vietnam. Half-Vietnamese, I intend to tell of the journey through which I reconciled myself to my long-neglected origins.

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