Despite it was only very few seconds it was great start going in second place just behind Nicolas Vouilloz stella for a while!
Also had nice fight with Cameron Cole, some other brits and friend, Iago Garay.
Watch out almost had terrible crash when I was going troght the wide straidht track and suddently there was a water hole across in a blind curve!
Despite I was going second a long time since the start I finished 5th for 2 reasons mainly:
- Cause I was focusing trainning the glacier bit, I did not have time to recognize the first half part of the qualifying, some of the most technichall of the avalanchhe circuit. So some competitiors overtookme in some legal shortcuts wich I did not know obviously.
- I crashed twice when I was going second again heading the final part, cause i realised my rear brake level was touching the hanldlebar and did not brake enought so i tryied to fixe it on the way! big mistake!
What a shame i could not get line A! Our wave it was the fastest! And with my time i would get easyly letter A in many of the other waves!

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