Michał Brzeziński: „Pamięć wirtualna”

Video "Virtual Memory" confronts the experience of family and historical memory with the world of modern media, which become not only a metaphor, but an extension of the nervous system. It's kind of
psychoanalyst's couch, which is shrouded in mists disintegrating story.
Narratives, which are woven foundations of our identity, a kind of software are imposed on us in an arbitrary manner by the social context and its historical legitimacy. Software implanted in us by family history, sets the boundaries of the world, with whom we have to face. Background art involves the recovery of freedom / ... /
Narrative nature of this work is somewhat related to the aesthetics of the film document, and archive home movies, but the same picture resembles a corrupted interface 8-bit games. The operator is freed from the inheritance. The system is anarchy - a dangerous utopian dream for society and for artists.
- Michał Brzeziński

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