Hey fellas. It's me Christopher Walken (well, at least somebody that does his voice very very well). Did you know, that almost a billion people on the planet don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. Thats one in eight of us!! Thats doesn't work for me. They gotta have clean watta!

This dirty water crisis is really tugging on the heartstrings of the community at Dribbble, so they've put together a raffle to raise funds for Charity water. All you gotta do is donate 5 dollas to charity water for a raffle ticket for a Dribble invite. Yknow, that really is the bees knees. Oh and guess what? They've got over 25 invites to give away, so theres a dang good chance you'll get one!

Head on over to Charity water and put your name in. Since its a raffle, if you donate $20, your getting four chances at an invite, not to mention you'll help four times as many people.

Hey dribble community! You can help too! All you gotta do is help by either donating, using that sweet like button, or commenting showing your love. Guess what? Maybe you can rebound this shot too!

Lastly, were trying to raise a least $5000. That buys one well. Hey guys, lets do this!

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