Video presentation of IOCS Distance Learning Programme: "Our Students, Our Future"

Here you can find the IOCS DL Video presentation with the title "Our Students, Our Future" in 4 Versions:

This is the Long Version (with all three of the IOCS DL student interviews); duration: 29:32 min.

You can also find in Vimeo the following short versions:
a) Short Version with the first interview (with IOCS DL Student Pam from Texas); duration: 16:49 min
(Pam is a recent convert and an Orthodox parish organiser in deep East Texas).
Vimeo Link:

b) Short Version with the second interview (with IOCS DL Student Johannes from Switzerland); duration: 07:07 min.
(Johannes is a recent convert, a Theology graduate from a German University and works for a Bible Society in Switzerland).
Vimeo link:

c) Short Version with the third interview (with IOCS DL Student Michael from Colorado); duration: 15:01 min.
(Michael is a recent convert, a Distance Learning American University retired Professor of Education and ex-President).
Vimeo link:

Copyright: Dr. C. Athanasopoulos, FHEA
Please address all feedback, comments, suggestions and enquiries to Dr. Constantinos Athanasopoulos, at:

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