0:00-9:29 L'Epice
9:30-19:10 Arrakis
19:11-26:24 Bitonio
26:25-36:47 Eros

Review by Moatilliatta of progarchives.com:
"Dün only released one album, but it was a darn good one.

This instrumental Zeuhl band has a heavy bass and percussion prominence, which is a trademark of the sub-genre. The rhythm section is great; obtuse rhythms and basslines, with auxiliary percussion (mostly xylophones) to add even more flavor. The flautist has a strong presence. Guitars and keys are also here, but they stand out the least.

All four pieces are excellent. Complexity and creativity are the strengths of this album. In an attempt to describe the sound: Magma and Zappa are the only artists I can name as influence, but various Fusion and some ethnic sounds are incorporated into the mix. It's quite different, you'll have to hear it for yourself. The only issue I have with the compositions is that they don't really evoke much of an emotional response. It isn't just a mindless jam-session, but it fails to have a lasting impact on the listener. No doubt will it be impressive during the listen, however.

Progressive music was in somewhat of a slump in the early 80s. While Neo-Prog rebirthed prog in terms of success, creative/unique/avant-garde music didn't have another boom until the 90s. Dün's Eros stands out as one of the most interesting prog release of the decade, and ranks among the finest in the Zeuhl school."

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