Director Andrew James talks about STREET FIGHTING MAN and pitches the film for Kickstarter.

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STREET FIGHTING MAN is a feature-length, narrative documentary that follows three inner-city men - each a generation apart - as they seek to define their lives in post-industrial Detroit. Deris Solomon is a young single father who wants to leave behind a high-risk life on the streets, Luke Williams is a middle-aged man remodeling a former crack house after being homeless for several years, and James “Jack Rabbit” Jackson is a retired police officer struggling to save his neighborhood from crime after the local police station is dissolved. STREET FIGHTING MAN pushes beyond statistics and headlines by sharing the lived experiences of the people who call Detroit home. Through the stories of these men, the film unflinchingly reveals how hard it can be to build a future when everything seems to be crumbling around you.

As Luke collects cans and acquires reclaimed materials to make an old home new again, Jack Rabbit must stand up to violent young criminals who were once children in his neighborhood. Meanwhile, Deris has to decide how he will provide for his daughter: by struggling to get an education, or by selling drugs like many of his peers. For each of these men, it is a war of little battles, often waged at home, at school, or in the streets. Ultimately, their three narratives collapse into one, telling the tale of one man as he attempts to make it though his youth, mid-life, and old age in post-industrial America.

Direction and Cinematography by Andrew James
Produced by Sara Archambault & Katie Tibaldi
Co-Produced by Torben Bernhard, Brady Kimball, & Dennis Przywara
Executive Produced by Joe Vaughn

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