Music and Video by M4SK 22. We are your Automatic Lovers. How real are relationships in the social media era, what is reality anyway?
the future is behind us, now is somewhere in the middle of here.
Thanks to Samara, Izzy, and Pep.
Filmed in Second Life at various locations, in particular the moody streets of Trilogy built by Ajika Lazslo, and remixed by Izzy Bereznyak and friends
The amazing White on White gallery where Pep Lemmon's sensual mash ups and riffs on the living history of painting and comic book art.
Some scenes at the railroad at the unsettlingly dark rural freeform RP sim Missing Mile
a nice swamp called Elliot
A little bit at the Chi surfing Sim, and an adult animation store at Abranimations sim...

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