Track: "Lit­tle Wing/Self Dis­cov­ery"

What did I say? "and you thought it was a Trance gig..."

It was a fun gig despite being so cold that my fingers wouldn't function properly to play guitar. (It was 7.30 a.m. up at 1500 metres in the Swiss Alps.)

Sun came out just after I started though. ( I point out the the sun breaking through to the crowd in the vid.)

As is often the case at outdoor parties in Switzerland, the sound quality was superb.

However I am not a fan of line array systems at all as they often focus the sound to a point tens of metres away from the front of the stage.

Since people gather to dance where it sounds best, they tend to congregate as a group starting from 25 - 30 metres away from the stage.

So from a performer's point of view (mine) it becomes much harder to maintain a strong connection with the audience when I need a pair of binoculars to see them.

I much prefer the intimacy of having the crowd starting from the front edge of the stage as I like to feel like we are all inside the same party, rather than me being a performer and the party going off somewhere in the distance...

Having said all that, it was great to play for this crowd who, after the initial shock of being woken up in their tents by me wailing on guitar, didn't seem to mind the mud at all and after a few tunes, the numbers swelled and they really got stuck in to churning up the dancefloor bigtime. It really helped matters that the sun came out too :)


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