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Watch The Creators Project interview Zhang Shouwang during his tour through the U.S. Shouwang is Carsick Cars front man, guitarist, loop maker and a founding member of the experimental duo White. He works using a medley of digital sounds playing around with things like circuit bent instruments. Zhang is all about controlling the sound of music in order to find new ear candy.

Chinese indie-rock pioneers.

Alias: Carsick Cars
Location: Beijing, China
Profession: Musician
Label: Maybe Mars
Notables: Carsick Cars (2007); You Can Listen, You Can Talk 2009; Opened a European tour for Sonic Youth
Zhang Shouwang uses:
• 65 Super Reverb
• EH Double Muff
• Robert Keeley Electronics: TS808
• MXR Phase 90
• Boss OC-3 Super Octave
• Boss DD-3
• Boss DD-7
• Boss RC-20 Loop Station

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