Intervention #2

A series of interventions about 'identity', 'place' and 'space' at I AM Columbia Island in Second Life.

The second in a series of interventions at I AM Columbia in Second Life continued to employ the 'space' constructed during Intervention 1 with an observatory constructed upstairs. On entering visitors were presented with three views of the sky as seen from the University of Hawaii's, Institute for Astronomy, 2.2-meter telescope on Mt. Mauna Kea in Hawaii, the world's largest astronomical observatory. The ceiling displayed the sky as currently seen from Mt. Mauna Kea while the walls and floor abstract the light into patterns and illuminated the space.

Unlike Intervention 1 which focused on issues such as presence and 'location' in Second Life i.e. seeing 'place' in Second Life but as if seen from outside, a map of the place as large as the place; visitors could now use the 'space' as a way and means of seeing beyond the virtual environment, not just back to an everyday physical environment but beyond that to a distant one. The alien 'place' of Second Life is folded together with a visualisation of a non-terresterial place, alien in the literal sense and which is, due to distance, as intangible and removed from our reality as the 'space' of Second Life. The virtualness of Second Life and the heavenlyness of distant stars are merged, placing a representation of the infinite into the finite.

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