Searching the computational Universe for this week ending the 11/07/10: Telescopic eye implant gives sight to the blind, those quadrocopters now move in deadly packs, ad-hoc mobile coverage a great idea for communication in a disaster, computers "dumbing" children according to a new study, and OMFG the Singularity topic for this week is on Stephen Wolfram's H+ Summit presentation on fractals, computation and the future of humans. It will seriously blow your mind!

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Stories covered this week:
Telescopic Eye Implant Approved By The FDA, Revenge of the Quadrocopters (Video), Mobile Phone Coverage Expanded Via 'Mesh' Networks, Computers "Dumbing" Children, Isaac Asimov on Education in 1988, Comic: Challenged, Khan Academy, Stephen Wolfram: Computation and the Future of the Human Condition, Video of Wolfram's Talk at H+ Summit (begins at 40min in), Wikipedia: Semantic Web, SingularitySummit 2010 San Francisco, SingularitySummit 2010 Melbourne Australia, Humanity+ Conference Australia

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