I fell completely in love with these three women when they performed their audience participation piece at the Biltmore Cabaret on a recent warm July evening in Vancouver.

Natalie Doonan and Guadalupe Martinez are the two women singing. I didn't get the name of the blonde woman playing keys.

In this video, I present the last 10 minutes of their performance (which was approx 22min total), throughout which they chant:
square perfect it has no corners
music perfect no melody
love perfect it has no climax
art perfect it has no meaning
which they introduced as being from the Tao Te Ching.
The melody that the pianist was playing is attributed to a recent Philip Glass composition.

At the beginning of the performance, the audience in front of stage left were invited to chant Do Re Mi
The other half of the audience, in front of stage right were invited to chant Fa So La Si.
Other than the sounds of singing voices in harmony, along with the piano, a beautiful silence overcame the Biltmore. The crowd was entranced, in bliss. Like the most perfect lullaby.

Watch and listen to more work by Natalie Doonan and Guadalupe Martinez:

This took place at Not Sent Letters, a wonderfully diverse night of art - performances, video, sound, and in situ. Jeremy Todd is a humble host, considering the tremendous accomplishment he's achieved by assembling the artists for this evening, and his ongoing project "Not Sent Letters."

I apologize for the abrupt conclusion to this video. My camera ran out of space! This is shot on a Canon G9, not a proper video camera. I was just elated that it held out until the end of the performance!
I recorded entire performance. Please contact me if you would like to see/hear it in it's entirety.

There is also a much better quality (in excerpts) video of this performance at youtube.com/watch?v=UxV20wtJtac&feature=player_embedded

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