BESTELLUNG #0-0-4-9 (Order #0-0-4-9)
6-minute clip from the short film
German w/ engl. subtitles

In a post-apocalyptic underground world that does not know any feelings or books, two scientists, Dex and Karl, are working on the re-animation of famous people from the past as collector's items and status symbols for members of the upper-class. Frankenstein-like they use DNA from dubious sources and human replacement parts to recreate human creatures without really knowing who they were or where they come from. That is until order no. #0-0-4-9. Something is different with the clone that starts to exert a strange influence over Karl. But what if #0-0-4-9 is nothing more than a mortal human coil without any soul or personality, and Karl's slowly but surely growing feelings are nothing else than a mere hotchpotch of ideas long lost? Karl more and more loses control over himself and decides to rescue #0-0-4-9, before being delivered to his rightful owner. A decision that challenges his very own existence.

Cast: Daniel Frantisek Kamen, Eric Sternberg, Stefan Ziegler
Written & Directed by: Alex Weimer

A MovieBrats production | Germany | 2005 | 26 min.

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