Merkavah playing in 11
Y 2008


Merkavah is described in mystical texts as 'the Devine Chariot' or 'vehicle through the heavens'. Geometrically, it's visualized by two pyramids intersecting one another with one pointing up and the other down (like the Star of David). The center is of a hexagonal shape.

We designed a hexagonal mirrored space (see Making Of), which only reflects from the inside. These special mirrors made it possible for us to film through the structure and capture the dance from 6 different angles simultaneously and reflecting in multiple layers. I ended up with a lot of footage, making an edit for a single screen for television in 2002. 5 years after broadcasting the film, the club 11 space gave me the opportunity to make a 6 screen video installation of Merkavah. This meant that we finally could present the work as it was shot, synchronous from different angles. I edited the movements of the dance with time-remaps over the different screens, to emphasize the traveling through the heavens - 'the body through the geometry'.

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