patty is a wedding planner based in california. within minutes of talking to her, a good year or so ago, i can remember exactly what i wanted to try and capture in their same day edit. being a planner, i wondered how involved she would be in her own wedding. it turns out that her entire wedding party headed into the venue the day before to setup all of their personal details that they planned for the following day. the morning of the wedding another storyline emerged, and that was of their personal vows and how excited/nervous she was for that part of the day. the idea for their film was to try and weave those two stories together. so when we showed up the morning of the wedding, it was much more relevant to me to cover the bridesmaids putting together the bouquets, which spoke to how involved they all were, than it was to focus on the somewhat more traditional things such as the make-up and hair.

for those of you that we have been lucky enough to meet along our canon cinema caravan trip across the US, you will remember their film as an example of threading. there are a lot of little details in the beginning of this film that come back and tie into the ending.

on a technical note, this piece was colored in apple color to really give it a more advanced vintage look. why vintage -i hope you were thinking that :) ?

this toning because patty loves to collect so many vintage things, from trunks, to chalkboards, to window frames. many of them were then tied into the decor of her wedding. that paired with what she wore on the wedding day made me think that a vintage tone would convey their story and mesh with it so much better. if your interested in reading more about that, check out my personal blog post about the color on this film here.:

we still have a couple cities left on the canon cinema caravan. be sure to follow our adventures on the caravan here;

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we have a tilt-shift, audio, stabilizers, camera setup for weddings, and shooting outside tutorials all on their way.


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