Feeding or teasing fish and marine life in it´s various kinds is not at all recommended.
Firstly you are interefering with Nature own paths where animals have to hunt for prey to survive; if that habit get´s too disturbed, than you have a pre-domestic marine animal that might loose it´s abilities to find it´s own food.

Secondly, by feeding or teasing, you´re putting yourself in danger as well as your fellow buddy. Remember, even if you are doing it with a potencially non-agressive being, others in the vicinities might find a gourmet meal very interesting; result: you might end up being surprised by another species who can in fact inflict you injuries.

The old saying: "Don´t screw with the bull, because you´ll get the horns", can be applied in a multitude of situations; that includes SCUBA, and includes marine life interaction.

If you would like to know more about the Oceans, Marine Life in general, life cycles, food chain, etc.
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