Explore your creative side and learn the lighting building blocks for advertising, catalog, and editorial images. Additional techniques using 360 degree product spins and panorama stitching for high- resolution images. Complete commentary and lighting diagrams for each of the images created. 30 plus images, 15 lighting techniques and methods, 24 lighting diagrams, 13 panorama images.

About the tutorial video Creative Lighting for Product Photography

* Video duration is 60 minutes
* Video quality is HD 1280 x 720p h.264 Apple Quicktime Player (free player download for PC and Mac)
* High-speed/broadband internet required to download the 1.0 Gigabyte video file

Video Highlights:

* Satin Panels and simple reflectors
* Inexpensive lighting modifiers
* All setups use only 1 or 2 inexpensive mono-lights
* Specular Lighting and Diffused Lighting
* Combined Specular & Diffused
* Above & Behind Lighting
* Lighting Liquids
* Black Glass Lighting
* Working with Color Temperatures
* Working with Multiple Exposures
* Single & Multi-Row Panoramas
* 360 Degree Product Spins
* Long Exposure Panoramas
* Harnessing Daylight

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