The DeWind D8.2 Turbine introduces an innovative concept to wind energy production, yet one that has been tested over a period of decades.

This new concept uses a gearbox/generator system that can achieve improvements in control and power quality while at the same time eliminating the need for a converter – thus clearing the way to the US market.

The synchronous generator of the DeWind D8.2 is connected directly to the main grid. Frequency regulation is achieved by means of a two stage planetary gearbox in combination with a torque converter as a superimposed drive with hydraulic coupling.

The DeWind D8.2 has been manufactured since 2006, with the first units reaching the US market at the end of 2007. The DeWind D8.2 is characterized by high availability and exceptionally good network compatibility.

The high durability of this system is demonstrated not least by the fact that it can be operated successfully at previously inconceivable elevation.

Since the beginning of 2008, a DeWind D8.2 turbine installed at an elevation of 4300 meters has been generating electricity for a mine site at Veladero in Argentina.

The increased availability of the DeWind D8.2 results in higher yields. It also further reduces operating costs, thanks to lower maintenance and repair costs.

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