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Look around and see what you may already have available then consider what you would need to get additional to help you record the best quality to suit your personal situation.  Take the time to weigh up all the issues in your specific situation and balance the critea as suits you.
Things to consider
• Mobility - Do you need to travel to someone?
• Quality - What do you call acceptable quality?
• Environment - Can you control the environment?
• Cost - Spend what you need to balance all criteria?
• Technical expertise - Are you prepared to learn?
• Time Availability - Do you have it now or do you need to borrow/buy?
• Time available - Access to equipment for short or extended periods
• Urgency - Is there time to wait or do you need to act sooner?
When considering all the aspects of any of the equipment it's worth remembering - "garbage in, garbage out".  You can manipulate the audio in the editing software but the reality is that should only be for enhancement and not for fixing issues with poor recordings.  The quality of any recording starts with the microphone and travels through the chain of systems and events as it progresses.  Ensuring a good environment, microphone and recording will enable the rest of the process through editing and sharing has minimal issues.  If you start with audio that is poorly recorded due to inadequate microphones and environment there is a need to chase the problem through the editing resulting in less than best quality.
However just to balance these issues, it is better to record something rather than nothing. Getting any recording at the best standard available today is better than having all the whiz bang, best quality kit tomorrow, just to find that the opportunity has passed.

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