KIRIN-SUGOMA commercial

Tani Ichiro (Directeur)
Katsuyuki Eguchi (Agency Writer)
Mr. Yaegashi (Production Manager from M1 production)
Yuzuru Hasegawa (Agency Producer)

VFX producer: Gregory Tournier
VFX supervisor/Producer: Alex Frisch
Director of Photography: Dylan Doyle
Color Grading: Didier Le Fouest
Stylist: Isabelle Anet
Set Design: Emilie Ferrenq
Animatronics: CLSFX, Frederic Laine and Guillaume
Animators: Cyprien Dugas, Jean Michel Moutte
Stage and equipment: Manuel Cam Jean Louis Padis

WIT VFX team:
Flame artist: Fabien Coupet, Alex Frisch
Compositing: Laurent Fradet
3d supervisor: Aron Hjartarson
3d artists: Richard Adenot, Nicolas Serginsky, Sebastien Le Caignec
3d modeling and rigging: Vladimir Mastilovic, 3d lateral
TD: Nicholas Essa

Cedric Lejeune, Lead developer/CEO
Sigrid Lelievre, Product Designer
Jean-Claude IT Manager

editing making of : Laurent Fradet
set photographer : Richard Adenot

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