Color Correction Re-Edit with a slightly different cut of the original using some new takes.

I decided to test out some color correction out of boredom yesterday, mostly trying out different shades of blue, but while listening to the soundtrack of "Inception", I got reminded of this old fight we did for Craig in 2009, and tested out a color scheme for it, as well as re-editing the whole fight.

I went more for the tone and feel that the effects and music brought to the fight as opposed to showcasing the performers, so this is probably a like or don't like for some of you. Either way, hope you enjoy!
Chicago Skyline Fight

Stunt Performers
Craig Henningsen
Shawn Bernal

Story Concept by Craig Henningsen

Fight Choreography and Action Direction By
Emmanuel Manzanares

Camera by Emmanuel Manzanares and Matt Peevy

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