My Social Games presentation from the annual KDE contributors' conference Akademy 2010 which this year was held in Tampere, Finland. The blurb for the talk was:

"The Gluon game creation framework is designed to make the creation of games simpler. But it is also about making the distribution of those games simpler, and enabling those who play the games to report back on the quality and any other things they may have to say on the topic. As such, this paper describes how the Gluon software packages uses the Open Collaboration Services framework to allow for this multi-way communication: From creator to player, from player back to creator, and from player to player."

Download the original movie here (and indeed all the other videos from the conference - lots of smarts here!):

A preliminary version of the accompanying paper referred to above, in its almost finished version, can be found here:

Slides here (though they're not so amazing without the talk ;) ):

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