Wednesday May 23, 2007 6:00 pm

Clearly the hot-button topic of the new millennium, environmental sustainability is no longer an option; it has become a design mandate. By spanning a broad range of concerns that range from increased energy efficiency to social attitudes toward healthy living, and green urbanism, sustainability has become an all-encompassing lifestyle trend that connects environmental responsibility with design opportunity. Sustainable architecture spurs forward-thinking technology and material research that, when integrated, act as catalysts for innovative architectural strategies. On an economic level, sustainability appeals to common sensibility and therefore also represents a distinct marketing opportunity. Increasingly, real estate developers employ sustainable design features as both unique selling points and catalysts to generate lucrative fundraising and financing prospects. As a lifestyle choice encompassing everything from recycling to spa-culture, sustainability-branded buildings provoke new opportunities to create new and improved spaces for work and leisure, while their aggregation promotes a healthier urban lifestyle.

Moderator: Moderator: Susan Szenasy, Chief Editor of Metropolis Magazine; Robert Fox, Architect, Partner, Cook and Fox; James Biber, Architect, Pentagram Architecture; Chris Sharples, Architect, SHOP Architects; Michael Buckley, Director of Real Estate Program, Columbia University; Alberto Foyo, Architect, Sustainability Expert

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