Directed By: Phil Lindsey
Release Date: July 24, 2009
Genre: Science film
Running Time: 19 min
Production Company: Chedd-Angier-Lewis
Distributed By: Museum of Science, Boston & The health Museum

Imagine exploring an alien world where odd creatures roam bizarre terrain in search of food. Then witness the attack and counterattack of viral bacteria at a cellular level. Now imagine it all in 3D! This experience will take you to a world you never knew existed before... a world that is so much closer than you think. Join us on this microscopic journey into the foreign landscape that is your own SKIN!

Planet You investigates the vast ecosystem that is the surface of the human body. Arthropods and bacteria make up some of the creatures that call us home. In this film, we are able to see how our hero can go through his day, having a variety of comic misadventures, and see how the creatures that live on him are affected by his actions.

Planet You 3D is an original production and licensing venture of The Health Museum and The Museum of Science, Boston.

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