Music Video for the band 'Best Before'
Shot in the largest dedicated green screen studio in the southern hemisphere (Orion Studios).
Edited and composited in Adobe After Effects Cs4 and Cs5.
Killed 1 PC, Sent 3 Mac Pro's to the mental Hospital....
Special thanks to Aharon Rabinowitz for his valuable assistance.
Additional clips from

Director: Peter John
DOP: Aaron Foley
Assistant Director / Data wrangler: Kristian Curcio
Lighting assistant: David Temby
Gaffa: Dan Crozier
Production Assistant: Sunshine Herbert
Cardboard City: Alissa Franklin
3d city layout : Aaron Foley
Compositor : Aaron Foley
Editing and Animation: Peter John(props to A. Foley)
Skyline conception and artwork: Aaron Harvey

Sam Bentley
Robbie Cullen
Scott Mealy
Coby Ramsden (Summer Heights High)

Jesse Chatalier (Crowd Control)
Peter John
Aaron Foley
Dan Crozier
David Temby
Shantell (Mannequin )

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