In a festival screening, a movie audience is surprised to find itself before a film that shows precisely... a static movie audience! How long will these people put up with the Mirror?*


# Written by Yuri Vieira #
# Directed by Yuri Vieira and Cassia Queiroz #

Performance: Sandro Torres (Lead Actor), Renata Mello (Lead Actor), Pedro Novaes (Supporting Actor), Paulo Paiva (Supporting Actor), Cleo Cunha (Supporting Actor), Domicio Ferreira (Supporting Actor), Ferdinando Marinho (Supporting Actor), Itamar Gonçalves (Supporting Actor), Tadeu Costa (Supporting Actor), Yuri Vieira (Supporting Actor).

Camera and sound: Cassius Cordeiro (Cinematographer/DP), Fredox Carvalho (Boom Operator), Leonardo Ximenes (Camera Operator), Rodrigo Horse (Gaffer), Victor Pimenta (Sound Mixer, Boom Operator).

Post Production: Isaac Orcino (Picture Editor, Digital Effects), Victor Pimenta (Sound Editor), Emanuel Mastrella (Assitant Sound Editor).

Music: Maurice Ravel, Emanuel Mastrella (Original Music/Composer), Victor Pimenta (Original Music/Composer).

Production: Cassia Queiroz (Executive Producer), Cleo Cunha (Production Manager), Daniele Costa (Production Assistant), Denir Calassara (Production Assistant), Karina Vieira Santos (Production Assistant), Simone Caetano (Production Assistant).


AWARDS: Best direction in Short Film, (FestCine Goiania 2007 - Brazil).

# Our poor budget: US$9,000 # lol


* Yes, this film is funnier if you are inside a movie theater... ;-)

"Zeit ist Kunst!"

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