In today’s economy most companies have to do a quick-step dance to stay competitive. Turning around a business requires agile decisions, precise steps, and dynamic movements. Not everyone can make it. The question is: Do you know how to tango?

We know what it takes to pull off a successful turnaround. By the end of this webinar you will know how to:
• Get critical results in 100 days
• Create a winning vision for your organization
• Identify performance gaps
• Focus your organization on vital priorities
• Maximize the value of your existing resources
• Develop your team’s capacity to be leaders instead of victims
• Increase collaboration across departments and functions

Juan Riboldi Ascent Advisor founder, lead advisor and author of the book, "The Path of Ascent", combines 20 years of research and experience as a consultant helping companies align their people and processes to achieve success in 100 days. He has worked with companies such as IBM, Cisco Systems, Sony Pictures, and Nissan. In addition to his consulting experience, Juan has taught courses in leadership and organizational change at Harvard, Pepperdine, and BYU.

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