Egill Sæbjörnsson - The Box, 2005

Bedsheet, cardboard box, spiral, book, fork, knife, spoon, plate, teacup, glass, vase, drawing, frame, single-channel video projection, sound.
Dimensions variable
Duration: 34 min

To the viewer, different things appear to jump out of a box. A tiger emerges with a big roar. A red balloon rises with a squeaky sound, explodes and then changes into a bird that flies frantically as log drums beat in the background. The bird then changes into a bucket that begins to fall, but before hitting the ground it transforms into a thunderbird that darts here and there to the sound of gunshots until it finally changes into an evil cloud accompanied by a horror movie soundtrack. This sequence of images is made by using a video projection that interacts with real objects and the wall behind them.

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