The rail terminal is an archetype whose function deals primarily with the movement & motion of people & vehicles. Our formal approach takes the kinetic forces of this movement and transfers them to the creation of a set of helical systems through infrastructural tectonics.

Through various prototypical module tests we have settled upon a potentially evolving system whose makeup consists of four primary helical members connected by a series of secondary spanning lattice members. Each one of these elevated modules will then be connected to one another at their aggregated intersections, providing circulation intensities at each designated entrance/exit node.

These intricate geometries are created through a series of deformers and wraps applied to a framework in which one can define lattice, transparency, enclosure, and an array of systems according to its function.

Our project defines a singular prototypical cell and utilizes its growth outputting a mass aggregation of interactions and relations between each. The expansion of the double helix allows for a conceptually sound strategy in providing an infrastructural architecture.

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